Wednesday, June 25, 2008

at it again with the promotional CD making -- i question my reasons and the point of doing this -- i think of people's reactions to the free CD laying around the city -- and the contribution I may be making to the meaninglessness (wastefulness) -- meaningless me -- not being emo to any extent -- introspective yeah -- natasha -- maybe i'm being brainwashed -- maybe my grip is slipping -- maybe this trip is skipping around between alternate/parallel universes -- to their own accord these packets of information that i experience -- am experiencing --- am not experiencing -- i think about my physical presence ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------it is fleetting more and more -- continuously -- but is still all i know -- is still immediate -- is still tangible (or so i am thinking) -- Jesi rambles about the body and mind -- Jesi rambles about the mind and body -- thought of manifesting some new tunes -- but then thought about how my old tunes (17 plus of them) will soon be irrelevant and how i must proliferate them sounds irregardless -- which brings me back to my ambivalance about going forward with the distributing of the completely custom compact discs -- in due time you will find your bliss and i hope you like this compact disc --- another day off tomorrow -- what it holds i know not -- i know not --- actually i have sort of an idea -- but at the same time i am being redundant

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