Wednesday, June 25, 2008

track list --- (like i promised to those recipients(you)of floating cds) here it is -- lyrics coming soon ---
1 immortal tortoise (infinity) 2 in rainbows 3 Johnny B. Goode Revisited 4 Hell Yeah (slim jim) 5 Top Secrret GC Love Song (ft. the boyz) 6 My ironic (hi mom) masterpiece 7 Free Thinkers (don't get comfortable) 8 Manifestations in pop 9 Untitled (for my loved ones) 10 Progress (OH bless this mess) 11 Samples for my LOVE (ft. the boyz) 12 expressions in digital audio format 13 Rebecca Sunrise (Aphrodite similarities)14 Status Quo (I'm comin' around the mountain)

+ 3 bonus songs on some limited addition CDs (while supplies last)
--Binded (bound) by time (ft. the boyz)--Earth Culture (remix)--portal into the minds ********************************************

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Anonymous said...

hi. today we were at utreck and we(jenny katherine and morgan)stumbled upon your cd. the easy listening of this cd is some what most enjoyable. thank you for your burst of creative enthusiasm.
that is all.
the 3 girls from utreck.