Thursday, June 26, 2008

went to the 3D movies today in my mind -- and then i thought doesn't the world already show itself before us in 3 dimensions -- and then a quantum physics expert i happened upon, told me differently (something along the lines of 11 dimensions {w/ more dimensions to probably be discovered in the future}-string theory this and grand unification theory that- i left him to his studies with the dim lamp light (guidance) -- went to the grocery store and was entranced by tabloid fotos --doctored up -- i'm henry the ape i am --henry the ape i am-- i wonder where that subconscious phrase came from -- it's there in the mind but it's origins are unknown to my consciousness -- maybe our ancestors are whispering to us, i -- occupied the same space at some time -- but on the third level -- i feel only modern man has occupied this space -- this couch so low to the floor -- bothers me some -- not a lot -- because there is other places to sit -- Becca's in the D.R. with sis Caitlin -- i miss you guys -- hope all is well : )-- and that we can speak spanish with eachother when yous return -- sincerely,

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Anonymous said...

Henry the ape is clearly a subconscious reference to the movie "Harry and the Hendersons" which also starred John Lithgow.