Monday, June 23, 2008

Kate Charneski's potential band names >> fart waffle, vandalism (i saw it on the sidewalk today -- went to take a picture of it but the storage was insufficient or something{waste of my time}, dousche cougar, spelling bee champion, pimps on couches, puffy muffin (a name i heard in someone's conversation once says Kate, like a tea room -- where you drink tea) -- what else -- > mad libs, crop circle chromosomes, roll with it, microchip magician (my favorite), anonymous pajamas, pansy t-rex (pansyasaurus), peapod (totally be in a band named peapod) --- flint microchip -- humusorpedo -- humus amongus -- humoring me -- got a sandwich? -- duality -- and your little dog too -- inner outerspace and the moons -- lightning! lumberjack! -- funky fog, the splinternet


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