Saturday, June 21, 2008

snippets snippets -- snippets -- there is a moth right here -- i think it is dead -- was at Ali's party -- i am calling you back -- call me if you want OK bye -- while Phil's guitar gently weeps -- to all the astronauts -- everybody is taking stupid pills -- stupid crisp -- -- snoopy the white dog -- basically everybody wants a stack of pancakes in the morning -- everybody would be happier in the morning -- around the world -- you could donate -- dip them in gold -- and then do what with them ? ? - high art - in the realm -- she works at that restaurant -- next best thing -- The seat of my pants is filled with maple syrup. "RED RUM", laughed the warm stack of whole wheat pancakes. But alas, the butter didn't understand a word the pancakes had said. He retreated to his icy lair on the door of the refridgerator. He wondered,"When will the next warm human nourishment require my application?"

luna moth or cecropia moth or something or other which Rebecca's mother, (Cynthia), informed us

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Low/Art said...

This is clearly in the realm of "high art"