Friday, June 13, 2008

see a penny pick it up and all day you will have __________ fingers crossed like railroad tracks and roads ---- throwing salt over my shoulder in the kitchen of my humble abode --- hypothetical rabbit's foot keychain (let's say it is the color green) ---- a pot of gold a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow -- on my way making sure not to step on any cracks (because you know what they say about that)-- 11 -- 12 -- 14 --- 11 --- 12 --- 14 --- on my way i befriended a black cat that crossed my path, of course it was on my own terms -- i walked under a ladder with Lady Luck and I was also sporting an anti-matter ladder t-shirt ---- i threw a mirror out a third story window and dove out to catch it and luckily I caught it before it impacted the ground (oh and i just so happened to land on a mattress) --- saved myself from having 7 years bad luck --- good luck to balance -- and another good luck for some surplus luck --

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