Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thorp -- a place to belong -- we came, we saw, Ryan almost flipped his car (you don't want no death wish?) >>pictures coming soon (i was in the car as well) -- pseudo storm -- jammer and the horses -- volleyball and stupid covers and emotions -- broken guitar -- blistered thumb -- go cubbies -- Happy Father's Day pops -- and Bryan's graduations -- congratulations -- Cecilias Pizza? -- the Thorpedoes -- Canada > America's tophat -- Niagra falls, we will never fall -- and if it did then it would be just Niagra -- Canada > the sequel to America <> what does andy got a girlfriend now or something -- he has really been throwing down the yaks -- cell phone commercials -- Meatloaf -- remember bek -- and then i'll love you until the end of time -- 500+ miles both ways --

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