Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wi-fu - clothing gray and finger-picking majestically say strum and g majorly as wells -- babble -- ling - tsingtao - and thunderbird skidding out into donuts -- for an authority tension in streets yet i fear -- but stay here for a moment west -- to another year blogging -- carving in digital stone -- zeius in tree a swing so - riffin' and such for a bit of anti-bazooka bubble gum apathy -- in vibes in energy spectrum you can sense if your mad enough to kick to shoot to on your back >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. just a station in idea bubble above head so -- extra stuff to brood over -- revving loud car in the StrEeTs()()()()() >>> >> no restraints -- unrelentless -- reaching for the sky just to surrender -- and joker sweeping up the laughter and content allwired about -- through -- and through -- and leaning in my chair -- should run - should jump in all this order in all this writing to ignore my dreams a burden of another comment less with 2 s's ( le$$ ) repressenting money signs in blue spray paint in sidewalk over yonder say -- bread and water -- living on ()())()(()()()()())()(i didn't here it something wrong with that car sound observation perceive - long -- throw you off these modern manifestations -- thoughtless will return in a flash for a moment *gong* GONE*

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