Monday, August 18, 2008

you're a winner/loser (+) thru the eyez of a purgatory glance -- i'm a cackling co - op - erator - cliche composition of a self -- don't condescend me a message on my mobile -- enough about you and me (us) -- what about them? what about them (said in a different tone --- altering the context) (?) Dr. Zeius an amputee bids a farewell to a gold medalist by the name of Rob -- (*gong*) with his good arm -- i lost one of 5 senses and adapted to an in-between one (energy up) -- dash dash in a flash goodbye - Dallas you were in my words and thoughts - wordthoughts - in the streets get out of the streets - i don't know (a phrase a crutch for my inabilities) -to speak to think to tune out -- a hollow hello howl with moon and wolves backdrop, if you could imagine (all the people) i can't but have an idea(s) -- i'm ending this conversation is my way out/in time -- psychological tools to cherish time to balance my senses lost - flowers for me (you didn't have to) 25 feet up and over -- location location -- ok now i'm ending this conversation

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