Tuesday, August 12, 2008

fuzzies on a shirt on a hanger on a bar in the shower in a bathroom -- that's something like 5 localities for specification -- and mad laughter down the street -- it is comforting and strange -- almost too much -- but maybe the funnies are extraordinarily busting the gut -- grime on a CD player of ours -- couldn't play the demo -- hoping to GOD the demo impresses -- if not -- i'll open mic it 'til equilibrium twixt happiness and the opposite of happiness which some of you people have endured all too much -- my condolences -- i hope your spiritual journey is of the utmost importance and that the distractions don't tempt of course -- 2 and a half years you took of me -- i'd say -- the good -- the bad -- but at the same time the ending rolled into the credits at a devastating drone -- here i am -- drunk to some degree -- no censorship anymore -- i promise to myself -- the insomniac sleeps -- who gives a flying fuck -- something or other along the lines of so many visits -- i come here to bleed --- i come here to read -- i come here on the oscillations of wi-fi -- reading more -- writing more -- w/o you -- w/o you -- w/o you --

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