Tuesday, August 12, 2008

having no doubts under a heavy world held up by a burdensome god (dutiful) -- happy to be young -- (still) -- wearing my old set-up shirt for a full week (it's nostalgic for me) -- i do miss the experience that is so -- a motorcycle trip to return to infinite alterations of the way we were just a week ago -- and the bedroom door shuts -- i leave mine open for the mural to face out (incomplete still -- but not for long) Ali and Malcolm X -- this image is not staged -- filled with a sense of a digital burden -- a river to live by and the sounds to immerse myself of -- desirous for smiling continuously -- calling my parents more than once a day -- stories to tap into -- and understanding my origins -- and a future to ponder -- publish -- reading books on the front porch with Ben -- sharing ideas and -- memory and knowledge filled my day -- to my dreams i go --

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