Sunday, August 31, 2008

now we are mature -- head tilted to sounds of futuristic form -- i almost hear myself before i even make a noise -- hello operator -- someone breaks a bottle down the street (left) and early tonight the cove band down the street for the festival (right) played "don't think twice, it's alright" -- when -- where -- only thing i could afford -- doesn't he live in a completely different state now -- don't go --- she -- tricked me -- taught me much -- i'm blogging -- it's fun out here -- i'm riding my bike yay -- here i go -- girl's inner monologue as she swerves dow sidewalk on bicycle mechanism -- and laughing riot -- who are these people on the sidewalk 20,000 leagues below our porch -- see you tomorrow --harley weekend over -- thank goodness -- engines roaring and stupid mechanical bull outside of decibel (is what i've heard) me hopeless recluse -- i'm done -- laugh for me for the ages RCs popped in my head -- i'd go -- farewell -- best bang for your buck


Anonymous said...

hey, what's wrong with a party that happens once every 5 years. harleys are part of mke, you of all people should know this, self proclaimed king.

Anonymous said...

the sounds rattle me -- that is all -- it was exciting i say, but the sounds rattle me still --