Tuesday, September 02, 2008

do your laundry -- it's dirty -- one pair socks left, eh, Fogarty (president Fogarty) -discombobulated -- and they put me in jail for a year -- it was only to be a 40 day incarceration -- but it was extended for forceful and authoritative reasons -- i even flash my lights momma, this horn won't even blow -- rojo -- in a heartbeat i'd look at you and smile to show you my infactuation with your self (something about you) -- smiles contagious -- since i've been gone -- mr. highway man, please don't block the road -- and i got to go -- mmmmmmm -- you got me weep and moan -- keep on tanglin' with these wires -- copper -- show stopper -- a 011 011 001 0011 -- represents incomprehensible but attainable encryption comprehension -- ooh shit i'm sorry dude -- i can't see no reasons why -- mistreated -- tears binding -- wring my hands and cry - good ol' baby apologize -- would she sympathize with me -- as sweet as a girlfriend can be -- i might be right or wrong -- creative commons and public domain is fine by my -- sharing is caring - altruistic Jesus -- a good friend that'll stay right by your side -- treat her right -- clips of late 1930s recording -- back to the land of California -- to my sweet home Chicago -- sears tower and pennies of gravitational destruction -- don't drop that penny from the skyscraper -- shield of eternity is within my reach at such great heights like that one song (small text) deflecting rapidly falling pennies -- decreasing in value american monetary - i love your values -- admire your values, baby -- hope that all my love is not in vain-- desirous of unconditional love -- mad in love