Saturday, January 31, 2009

excuse me for believing in the true being of humanity -- for I was alien with butterfly wings --flying to that one destination -- that was becoming our magnetic migration -- and to this migration I discovered better things -- what were those better things -- would you like to see my drawings? -- bow tie guy holding a trumpet -- in a comical sense -- I call him jazz man - but he is still alone -- playing a trumpet longing for a trombone -- the ancients we have learned through looting their bones in catacombs -- where do we go from there? -- I'll exhume King Tut -- which I will make an example -- a young King with treasures ample ... for the taking -- alludes to the true greeeeeeeeeed that humanity has been taking (hiccup) -- centuries, eras, eons, which light years will soon show -- what will the righteous let be the final blow -- ha ha ha ha -- I live forever the sun is rising, I bid you good tiding --

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