Friday, January 30, 2009

the world was once young as you are wise -- you spies -- overdubs I can do -- wait --  your intellectual being is only as large as your passion allows you to be -- and your passion is a product of all the things your eye can see -- and to these things your mind conceives (i before e except before c owww!!!) ok what is next -- all are constructs of humanity, strip them away and you have true humanity, man as a savage is not complete animosity -- but man as a savage is the perfect beauty -- left to the wild -- man becomes enlightened -- and with social constructs man becomes frightened -- come ailment, come estrangement, man will not self-destruct -- but to  a higher power, man will covet -- I'm going to put a picture -- popcorn -- and garlic powder will be the means to your end - I'm satisfied -- let us proofread -- weird kitchen talks of the night -- by the way this enlightened individual (as seen above) spoke these words to me via telekinesis -- peace i am out nudie magazine day

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