Friday, April 10, 2009

>>>>>>>>come to see some REAL auTheNtic Guitar HEROS >> tomorrow (Sat. April 11th) at Linneman's (1001 Locust St. and Weil in Riverwest kiddie corner of Tracks bar off Humboldt ave.) ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> featuring >> the GC Love Band, Jumpsuit, and Jay Flash -- it is your DESTINY to make your way -- $5 cover -- wish for warmth -- sheesh this cold spring beginning -- Tara's mobile uploads -- mastering songs in the booth -- mr. world how is this wonderfully orderly earth of ours formed in the first place? and how long has it been going on? -- i am earth the planet you call home -- I LOVE YOU MA AND PA : )

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catherine elizabeth said...

i found your demo cd thing at work. its good stuff!
(i also work at captel).