Tuesday, April 14, 2009


mother nature bestow unto me and mine cerulean joy

she has a macrocosm of empyrean in her twinkling eyes

but she is a mirage that has hoodwinked my heart and made April cold and gray

born binary -- an eerie, sanitary sequence of 1s and 0s disguised as concepts (love) and entities (muse)

--breaking through the clutter (I see) transcendental sorrow

a permutation of my perception when I wake tomorrow could transform this gloom to vivid paradise to behold

I know, I know, there's a paradox that permeates it all

at least in my mind there is

discipline could unlock the potential of the power of your diamond mind

then again, this is probably just some downcast, ambiguous poetry pouring from my pen

pendulum mood swings between cerulean joy and dark inferno




throwback vid from last summer below -- i was a smidget younger than i am now -- threw my props and face in front of a soul capturing device --

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