Saturday, April 25, 2009

... "Like a Diamond in the Sky" ......
the collage that never was (created by a fool) - click to zoom - aesthetically please - Gemini gal has got me again - what the f*ck is happening in this world? - a poem follows, if you will: "ellipsis poem (4-23-09) time decaying me/him/he -- devours our day"
{the 12th floor, 12 bar blues are implied}
the loudest yawn
I'm bellowing
an abysmal nowhere
'neath my tattered shoes
a thud like that of Thor's device
upon ice & wood,
cancels/voids out
the melody in the spring in my step
must be the bus
delayed by construction zones
that was their topic edgewise
his personal place
in his mulling mind
shy away to solace inside silent, unshaven visage
nil in olfactory region -- probably has something to do with his vice
that is like an oxidizing pendulum swinging to a cipher within a wearisome queue
around the circular cipher,
we re-arrive at deja vu
& nod to our neighbor
who is pride swallowing & considering to supplicate to some chameleon deity
Stephen H. has seen the omniscient one in the cipher
-- mixing & matching sequences of info packets that play out in an arena of eons
which are actually comprised of turtle shells stacked to green & blue Empyrean
the Big Dipper is firm in the firmament --
at least from a year-round, star-gazing perspective here on Earth --
(correct me if I'm wrong)
knit me a a palpable dream, muse of mine
& the subject matter peters out at the frayed ends
of a line of thought that was a vaguely vivid notion of inconsequential being
talk to you later --
& to conclude --
salt & pepper precipitation in your 4-day forecast for your senses to sneeze react to --
aaachooo! -- bless you -- it is imagery that fills concrete into your brain cavities -- BOOM -- Glory -- dig

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Anonymous said...

Who's the chick in the jean skirt driving the green pontiac grand am outside your house on google maps?