Friday, May 01, 2009

>>>>>> OH YEAH WE GOT A SHOW TONIGHT AT Y-NOT 3 (III) on Kenilworth {you know the location: off of north kiddie corner Kenilworth dormitories on the concrete pavement crossroads of Kenilworth and Farwell (i'm confused)} >> the show is for a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival -- 5 bands/performers: (us) the GC Love Band, Jumpsuit (apparatus), Jay Flash, the Scrubbers, and 18 Strings -- 8 o'clock until bar close -- we go on stage second to last -- see you in the night -- 5 dollar admission enters you into the raffle for 2 $50 value guest passes to the Milwauke Underground Film Festival and MUFF t-shirts too -- here's two videos to wet your appetite until then: myself performing at open mic at Brocah and Sam on the pots and pans percussion -- dig -- you could call this the GC minus Ryan Band or even the GC minus Ryan Andrew partially Josh experience -- i'm only kidding -- much love -- enjoy

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