Friday, July 10, 2009

pinky promises? -- rewriting my year, half empty glass sits on the table half full, am i unable to move forward i ask unto my own self, o Lord -- but really i do know that papa was a rollin' stone (& like father like son) -- txt to Eric Koschnick: "remember when i fel out of that tree n evrbody had a good laugh?" -- to which he replies: "ha ha, you just made me laugh out loud at work. you made my day better, and that was hilarious" -- still in Milwaukee living well on that winding path -- an encounter ambling down Humboldt: Shane and Devon, these guys jumpin' train all over the map -- sewing their ragged clothes with dental floss and the like -- backpacks with the bare necessities inside-- live along that precious path, where you'll end up don't matter, it's all about that rebellious path of yours, i got these seconds in a satchel -- and these seeds i sow -- hatching ideas like the eggs up in a nest -- the best of me -- the best of me -- what up Wick in China? -*gong*)()()()()()(())(()()()()()()(()- kids of the Cold War -- your boss now -- paychecks -- sink into a rainbow of possibilities of delight -- money green -- roy g biv -- o so cool -- roy g. biv -- changing my name -- on the steps down at City Hall, i don't see justice anywhere -- ra rah riot -- i detect difficulties and move through the medium -- eager to touch this ethereal aether -- jello existence hello -- that one scene in Jurassic Park where Goldblum observes the ripples in the glass of water from the vibrations of dinosaur feet pulverizing dirt mud into footprint puddles -- blow out that cherry bomb -- there you go again out into the majestic night, your female self festooned in a gentle green gown -- woe the world, this goddess, o how i can't wait for you to never arrive -- i try and i try -- all my love is in vain -- haven't you read the news lately -- green shoots, eh? -- today -- wretched world, those ones throwing stones at the one that leads down a new, brighter path --

i seen you today in the streets -- i did a dance on the sidewalk to entertain -- we chatted it was good -- you spoke of memories -- you mentioned josh playing a set on 88.9 -- that wig joke -- your grandma goofing with you pantomiming a wig with her real hair -- remember when you did that beer run for locust street days? -- and we performed on the side stage, a.k.a my porch balcony on the second floor - Daisy Cubias -- excessive charm -- harmonica up in the clouds wailing away -- i'm sailing away to the concrete ocean of existence now, waving at the passerbys -- & never feigning a smile for them -- only on bad days do these affectations we/I put on make me sorrowful -- find a video on you tube and embed it now: >>

let's see how many blues videos and sounds we can accumulate right here upon this binary bit 0 and 1 server up in the clouds -- right here -- where are you accessing? -- comment if you please -- if you won't -- that is fine too -- baby, please don't go -- ... you know i love you so...

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