Friday, July 17, 2009

>>>>>>>>SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT _ THE GC LOVE BAND __ @ LIVE ON NORTH AVENUE INTO THE NIGHT UNTIL BAR-TIME__NO COVER (it's free) - hope you attend -- 10 o'clock -- 10 o'clock -- rock -- soda pop shop -- feed phrase through anagram engine -- for kicks mostly -- Poppas Hoods
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POSSESED BY PAUL JAMES >> Nick Kelly introduced me to the sounds of POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES

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Ado Shops Pop -- i'm all shook up -- just read a really hateful comment on a you tube video -- woah -- but never you mind user -- moving on though -- to bigger and brighter phenomenons momentarily continually manifesting out of the mire -- mr. laughs-a-lot mcgee -- over here to my left taking in some stand up comedy through the you tubes -- the Beach Boys on the box -- rattlesnake daddy -- upside down -- gonna go down to Mississippi and get me a mojo hand -- pure quality & quantities of volume grooving through the wires (me revelling in their reverberations) -- you someone individual departing now out of my visual field -- toodles -- yesterday, pointing out a blimp gliding through the Milwaukee sky to people passing on the sidewalk in sun dresses and others in cut off t's -- caught in a current of wind got it lost way far from its desired location -- teetering blimp wobbling pasted to the sky's screensaver -- well you see, if you want to get back, you take a left at that cloud, take 5 right turns around the whirlwind, find me again, then i'll give you the real directions to where it is that you really really truly honestly want to go -- dream like this -- sans consciousness -- only an underwater sub cutting through the sea of subconscious inklings -- posturing poetic once again -- neck swiveling to find inspiration in the bits and pieces and the aggregate -- but really keeping busy -- for sanity's sake -- have you met my friend? -- she beams me a dream & i laugh through my teeth -- an abundance of spirit you have to draw from, don't you? -- i'm rapping at your gate, gal -- figuratively i say that there is barbed wire up above -- & boundaries sometimes can't be trangressed (a scarlet letter, if you will) -- no one's fault really -- Mike & Phil sided with me on the matter -- saying she's selfish -- Jezebel -- Jezebel -- painted Jezebel -- but i don't want to be that harsh -- b/c i truly do have a heart beating for a woman of her form n her diamond mind shines on -- but bats in her belfry -- bats in her belfry -- too many bats in her belfry -- too many bats in your belfry -- i gotta kind-hearted woman, she studies evil all the time -- Johannes Brahms - "Hungarian Dance #5" -- ideas formulating for song #2 to be part of volume 3 -- then there's a book i've been meaning to write -- for all i know, i might levitate out of this hoodwinking MATRIXXXXXXX -- design me a treasure of a soul in a woman -- forge me a love like no other kind -- bona fide beauty, let us meet in the middle of a dazzling day down by the ice cream shop -- she'd mirror my soul -- she echoes my laugh -- she finishes my sentences & expounds on my zany ideas -- she & i nestle like doves necking on the mezzanine -- the bride sighed -- the glum groom -- she just nods -- & i nod -- & our body language is a dialect of our own ours alone (in good company of course) -- & we smile a long while, swaying waltzing together to a piano tickling & trickling notes through the aether {romanticized} -- & we smile a long while & lean into eternity -- she makes & takes the cake -- she calms the clatter of the concrete jungle -- she deciphers my mutterings -- she embodies my wish -- she is flush to my flesh when cuddling like puzzle pieces -- she shares my chair with me looking on, a display of affection -- she enters & exits rooms always sunbeamy dreamy -- she loves my poems -- you're the spring to a dreadful winter, dapper doll -- cute as a button -- laughs at my bad joke -- a blanket, a flashlight, and stories to share -- imaginary forts like one taken right out of your childhood living room -- she runs her hands through my hair & i wag my tail -- long-winded love in vain, eh, plain to see -- her magnetic movements -- spill the wine -- dig that girl -- {ending transmission}

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