Friday, May 11, 2012

Hope springs eternal off of Sterling Parkway. The wind gusts & tumbles over the backyard sanctuary. Poem mode. Human mode. Father & son quality times. Proof of life in exchanging thoughts about the stasis of the teeth-gnashing worries of the world. But we got a lot to be happy for in our cubic feet realm. Dad goes to grab a book & his reading glasses. My mood is mellifluous in good thought. Tasty, crunchy snacks stick to my molars. I am a solar nerd, basking in the sun's rays on a beautiful Friday. Dad reads about health tips. To stop the pain. No more heartburn. Prevent the ill. Some fancy words: gastrointestinal. A big truck rumbles over on the 31 & 12 junction of roadwork veins. Mom's off to work, where she assembles parts for UFOs & pinball machines. I kid. Where will the night take you? Ask yourself, "What do you want on your tombstone?"

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